Friday, March 27, 2009

Smell & Hear no Evil

Several friends and neigbors who have been to our house have commented on the absence of doggie smell, given that we have 2 big dogs (I don't use airfresheners--they are toxic to our health). Greyhounds don't have long fur and there's only one layer--not much dander or oil, so less smell. They also only go out (supervised & leashed) to do their business & exercise or go to the park or the vet, so less exposure to odor-causing entities. Sometimes, Hanna will have that freshly baked almond cookies smell, seriously! Different story though when they are gassy, THAT can really clear out a room!

A neighbor also mentioned that he never heard our dogs bark (which can really be annoying for some people, if you have a constantly yapping dog), another grey trait. Hanna & Louie had their share of barky moments (strangers, human & canine alike) but very rare.

So we are happy & proud that we don't smell and our neighbors are not bothered by our dogs.

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