Friday, July 18, 2008

Best Friends

Hanna liked Tabora the moment they were first introduced to each other way back in September. She gets so excited (big smile in her face, body & tail just wagging together) whenever she sees Tabora and her people (our nextdoor neighbors/friends). Tabora is sick and the doctors (vets) haven't figured out what's wrong with her. Husband & I are sincerely hoping (& praying) that it is something treatable/curable. She is such a good "ambassadog" for greys. Because of her, we have new good friends & neighbors and Hanna & Louie.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hanging out with Friends

Months ago, Tabora stopped by to say HI and play with Hanna. They actually had a great time playing with each other for about 2 minutes, then they started dozing off, one after the other...they truly live up to their name--45 mph couch potatoes!

Making Friends

Sebastian is very picky with the people and creatures that he bestows his attention upon. So this pic is just a proof how the mild and gentle greys can win over even the most meek and shy cats/creatures (bunnies excluded).

Hanna at the dog park

We haven't been to the dog park recently. That was taken around February. We walk the greys within our neighborhood and near the river. Maybe this weekend, we can make a trip to the dog park so the greys can meet other dogs.

It's a boy!

That was what our friend from the greyhound adoption group said when we were on our way to pick up our foster. The arrangement was if this foster worked well with our family of 1 greyhound, 2 cats and a husband, we will adopt him. Well, in greyhound community linggo, we were a failure as foster parents because we fell in love at first sight of our foster grey and adopted him in just 2 weeks! These are Louie's first few days with us...

He is such a goofy boy! Here he is falling (literally!) asleep.

Louie had to be crated the first night and week but he liked it better outside of the crate...

Louie had to wear a muzzle for the first few days (as a precaution). But he & Hanna just clicked...


Hanna liked him right away. She shared her couch with him. Louie was still nursing a bandaged leg (that was his IV site when he had his neutering operation, he licked it raw which necessitated suturing).

Hours after we got him, Louie found Hanna's toy and eagerly played with it.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Vet Wrap

When Hanna had her toenail injury several months ago, this vet wrap helped in keeping her wound protected, clean and dry. It sticks to itself so no pin is needed. It comes in lots of other colors too, red, pink, purple, green, blue & black. I usually use purple or red for Hanna and blue for Louie.

This weekend is the Arts Festival in our area. 400 vendors from all over the country came to sell their products. Will post more details & pics later. Hanna is not too excited about it-her usually peaceful neighborhood is now flooded with vendors' tents and people from all over...oh well.