Monday, July 8, 2013


Our top dog has decided it's ok to share with Hanna's bed.  This pic wasn't a photo-op.  We just found Sebastian one night, plopping down beside a sleeping Hanna.  And to think we were so worried about upsetting the "equilibrium" in him when we were just in the process of researching about adopting greyhounds.  It turned out to be a "purr-fect" match ;)

I am so pleased that our greys can spell.  Their vocabulary now includes, " T-R-E-A-T", "O-U-T", "L-O-V-E---U" and "Get Daddy!"  I am so happy, they have trained me well :P

Lastly, Louie is a compulsive licker.  There are times when we can just tune it out but there are times when the slurping just drives us crazy.  Lately, whenever I get exasperated and will call Louie out on that, Hanna will immediately stand up, look at me and offer (more like shove;) her ears
to Louie for licking.  It actually stops the noise and yet Louie still gets to lick and Hanna gets her ears done.  I must say, we have a pretty smart girl.