Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cat/dog beds

Got our cats (a 12 lb and an 18.5 lbs) small dog beds (the flimsy cat pads won't probably do well with our cats) for $9.99 each. They both loved their new beds even though the pic below shows otherwise ;)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Update on the Corn Issue

Hanna had her sutures removed (s/p cysts removal) last Wednesday and we also asked the vet to hull her left front paw corn which has thickened up fast. It was last hulled 12 days ago. Anyway, the vet did the dental root elevator technique. More on this technique from this website and how it is done. It is a lot different from dremelling.


Our vet said the corn just popped out from its bed, probably attributable to the Wonder Salve. Ok, so I guess, it is working--the salve I mean. I was ready to toss it and try the Kerasolv.

So Hanna has been pain-free and jumping, running and just being her happy self for the last couple of days. Loved watching her walk with her tail wagging....

When the dogs are downstairs

the cat takes over their beds....

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bonsai Galore

Rochester, NY is not just known as the home base of companies like Kodak, Xerox, and Bausch & Lomb. This is also were Jell-O started. Repeatedly, this city has been included in the top US cities great for raising a family. But Rochester is also home to one of the best bonsai teachers/artists in the country, Bill Valavanis. His annual symposium (one, if not the most, of the most organized symposium) held every September is always a must-see. This year's theme is about shohin (shohin bonsai are smaller sized bonsai, measuring under 10 inches (25cm) tall above the rim of the bonsai container). Some of the trees in the exhibit were 2-3 inches tall only. It is just amazing seeing very healthy and beautiful tiny trees. Enjoy the pics. Pictured above is hubby's beauty berry with fruits that have yet to turn deep purple in the fall.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rude Customer Service

Husband & I have, so far, had good luck buying online (from books, pet products, etc.). Last week, I purchased (or so I thought) Kerasolv (a keratolytic gel for Hanna's corns) from Discount Pet Drugs. I was waiting for a week and then I got an email from them about my purchase with a small note on top that said, "this order has been cancelled". No explanations, no phone calls. When I finally got hold of them to ask why they cancelled my order without any explanation sent to me, a yelling male customer rep just responded, "you got an email".

So much for good manners & customer service. I am surely not buying ANYTHING from that online store again.

Hanna's Annual Check-Up

Hanna had her annual physical check-up, blood tests, prophylactic (I was indignant when the vet tech handed me deworming pills and she assured me it is just standard practice, but no, Hanna doesn't have any worm!)deworming, updating of shots and dental cleaning last Thursday. We also threw in removal of 2 small cysts on her back and hulling of her corns. Our vet also trimmed her nails (really short). I was teasing the receptionist as she was updating me on all the procedures, "we may be picking up a smaller dog later on, you are taking a lot from her" ;) Our vet also ran a thyroid test , she has seen a case of bad corns in a hypothyroid grey.

Hanna didn't need any extraction and we opted to have an oral sealant applied on her teeth (protects teeth for 6 months). I knew it would be an expensive visit but our vet gave us some discount. Preventive medicine just doesn't make sense when you are holding the bill but the rewards later on make every dollar spent worth it...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Natural Cat Toy/Teaser

This papyrus plant was given to me by our bonsai teacher 3 years ago. It is now around 5 feet. I placed it in the powder room --tucked away & safe from the predatory (yeah, right) paws of our 2 cats. Both cats love munching these then they'd throw up later on. I discovered though that each stalk with a tuft of leaf blades at the end acts like a feather teaser. Our cats go nuts when I play/tease them with this. Natural & chemical-free toy and it's free!


Neighbors usually see me and husband walk with our 2 greys. Lately, they have been asking why I am only walking Louie. Because of Hanna's painful corn, I am forced to give her very short walks. I just bought Kerasolv online, hopefully, this will be more successful in giving her pain relief, am not sure now if the Durham's Wonder Salve is of any good at all ;(