Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dental Health

We brought Ringo, our 13 y/o cat, to the vet last Thursday for his senior medical and dental cleaning. We weren't expecting that we will be leaving him for the night (he put up a fight even before the vet could examine him so vet decided that he had to be sedated to be fully examined) and we'd have a huge vet bill later on.

Ringo has lost so much weight in a span of 2-3 months(13.5 lbs at the vet from 19 or so lbs). We thought the light kibbles are working-he is losing weight and now he can clean himself thoroughly without rolling over. But another concern was diabetes (drinks a lot, pees a lot, eats ok but losing weight). Aside from the weight loss (he used to be 19.5 lbs), he was his usual active and Mr.Charming self. In retrospect, hubby & I felt so bad because Ringo may have been hurting all this time.....

Three extractions and several blood tests later and a thousand dollar vet bill, we got back our cat. He had an infected canine which probably caused the UTI, but aside from that, he is perfectly healthy. He will be on Clavamox twice daily for 4 weeks. Husband came up with a great strategy in giving Ringo his meds. We drape a thick towel across hubby's chest then he holds Ringo close to him. Fuss-free and all meds are where they should be(in his throat), most of the time.

He is recovering /eating pretty well. And has gained 0.9 lbs. Our vet wants him to be at 15 lbs max only.