Friday, October 25, 2013

Another roacher!

Hanna has roached (in greyhound lingo, it is the position assumed by the pup with the belly up, like a dead cockroach) ever since we got her.  She usually does it  with one front leg extended  up in the air.   According to the "hubbypedia" (my hubby, the walking encyclopedia, I guess he will ask me to take this line down when he reads this ;D), greys roach when they are happy.

Louie has never roached.  I attributed this to the unevenness of his back, or so I thought.  But he  is a happy puppy who thinks everybody wants to pet him.  Then I started noticing that once or twice a year for a couple of years now, he would try it but very briefly.  He usually stops if I make a big fuss out of it.  Yesterday was a breakthrough, he finally roached for a while and allowed me to "document" it.  I know, big deal.  It is for me ;D

It is amazing to realize that the family room has really evolved into the critter room.  Last time we sat on this couch was  years ago when I was still anal enough to cover it.  But the pups love it and we are glad they share such a valuable resource.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Unsafe foods for Dogs

Got this from the Greyhound Outreach's FB (who in turn got it from

Nuts about cosmos!

I started with a packet  of bright lights cosmos 3 years ago.  Since I added more flower beds for our cannas and shastas, I had more space for, yes, cosmos, so I went nuts planting them everywhere.  I now have plenty of seeds to share with family, friends and neighbors.  This year we had picotee, fuschia and pink seashells cosmos. 

The bumble bees loved them. 

Who's the Boss?

We are lucky to have a) a very accepting and secured cat who welcomed our greys with such grace and b) retired racers who are smart enough to know who the boss, er, more senior critter is.

Monday, July 8, 2013


Our top dog has decided it's ok to share with Hanna's bed.  This pic wasn't a photo-op.  We just found Sebastian one night, plopping down beside a sleeping Hanna.  And to think we were so worried about upsetting the "equilibrium" in him when we were just in the process of researching about adopting greyhounds.  It turned out to be a "purr-fect" match ;)

I am so pleased that our greys can spell.  Their vocabulary now includes, " T-R-E-A-T", "O-U-T", "L-O-V-E---U" and "Get Daddy!"  I am so happy, they have trained me well :P

Lastly, Louie is a compulsive licker.  There are times when we can just tune it out but there are times when the slurping just drives us crazy.  Lately, whenever I get exasperated and will call Louie out on that, Hanna will immediately stand up, look at me and offer (more like shove;) her ears
to Louie for licking.  It actually stops the noise and yet Louie still gets to lick and Hanna gets her ears done.  I must say, we have a pretty smart girl.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Greyt Entertainment

We are an our third year now without TV cable.  We don't miss it, at all. Thank God for news via the internet though.   With critters like ours, we have all the entertaining we need.
Louie:  "Have to air out  my tongue, mom".

Sebastian to Louie:  "Why did mom put to this SOL (space occupying lesion) of a portable greenhouse here?  Doesn't she know this is prime real estate in terms of sunny hangout for the 3 of us?"  Louie:  "You go tell her, I'm not saying anything"....

Louie: "Gotta check if this guy is real"....

Hanna: "Ok, Lou, get to work now, start cleaning my ears".... 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Looking forward to Spring

While winter has magic all its own....
And Hanna really wishes that it stays winter all year long...
Louie, husby and I are already looking forward to spring! 
These are what remained of the crocuses that I planted 2 years ago.  Those pesky squirrels kept digging the bulbs and the rabbits kept eating the leaves.  And no, cayenne pepper doesn't really work, I just end up with powdery red stuff all over the flower beds.