Saturday, January 24, 2009

Colorado Hangover

This will be next year's Christmas card-we have our cards printed at Kodakgallery. Unless the 4 legged creatures in our home can come up with something more adorable than this year's card (Hanna & Louie in one of their poses).

The first pic was taken in Copper Mountain, Colorado. The sunny blue skies and amazing mountain views were just perfect for skiing (& taking pics while catching our breath).

Missing our trees

During winter, our bonsai trees are tucked away in our garage. We are looking forward to late spring when we can bring them out and enjoy them. Hubby misses them...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

When we first got Hanna, we were told that greys love going after cat poops. Having 2 cats (catbox in the basement), we made sure the greys never learn to go down the basement so we got this tall pet gate (from Petsmart) with a small door for the cats. It was a good purchase. It is not bad-looking , no installations required and very functional (keeps dogs in the kitchen, keeps Ringo out of the kitchen--yup, only Ringo, Bastian can jump over it). Ringo is shown here wanting to join the dogs while they devour their beef bones. Uhm, Rings, I don't think you would want to be near the dogs right now.

Alpha Cat

In a pack of animals, there is always the head, the most dominant, the leader, the so-called alpha. Ringo tolerates our greys but he makes sure that they know who the "real boss" is. That's him taking over the dogs' basket of toys. He is undeniably the alpha in the house.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

Husband & I spent the holidays in Denver, CO after making arrangements for our cats (friends & neighbors looking after them in our house) and the greys boarded at our vet clinic's kennel. It was our 2nd/3rd choice--primarily because it was quite expensive. I called everyday to ask them about my dogs and the usual answer was that they're ok/eating well. We missed our dogs during our entire trip but knowing that we left them in a good place made us feel less guilty (leaving them behind)...or so we thought. When we picked them up after 10 days, my dogs lost a lot of weight (whole ribcage showing--normal for greys is just 3 ribs showing). I left them with a big container of premium dry food, 10 cans of premium wet food, some Gerber baby food bottles (in case they really get picky) and a new bag of their favorite treats. On further inspection, our greys have gashes on their chests and Louie had a red patch on his left thigh. I was furious that neither me nor my husband was informed of these. The manager heard from me the following morning and she was quick to defend/explain what happened. All 10 cans of dog food were presumably consumed, I was given an almost empty dry food bin and yet I have 2 malnourished-looking dogs????? Oh by the way, we paid you guys 22$ per day per dog.

All in all, husband & I will not be boarding our dogs there again. Poor communication and I bet, no one was patient enough to coax our dogs to eat....Our vet will hear my litany of grievances again when we bring Louie in for his annual check-up next month ;{

Anyways, husband & I are upbuilding our greys. Lots of food, fried eggs, squash and TLC are being given to them ad libitum.

Enough of my ramblings, happy new year!

The year that was

It was a good year. We got Louie Feb 08. Another life saved. But our friends' Tabora passed away October 08. All in all, in her short but very happy & meaningful life, she saved 3 greys, Hanna, Louie and just recently, another neighbor adopted a greyhound, Charles. She was such a good ambassadog for greyhounds!