Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

Husband & I spent the holidays in Denver, CO after making arrangements for our cats (friends & neighbors looking after them in our house) and the greys boarded at our vet clinic's kennel. It was our 2nd/3rd choice--primarily because it was quite expensive. I called everyday to ask them about my dogs and the usual answer was that they're ok/eating well. We missed our dogs during our entire trip but knowing that we left them in a good place made us feel less guilty (leaving them behind)...or so we thought. When we picked them up after 10 days, my dogs lost a lot of weight (whole ribcage showing--normal for greys is just 3 ribs showing). I left them with a big container of premium dry food, 10 cans of premium wet food, some Gerber baby food bottles (in case they really get picky) and a new bag of their favorite treats. On further inspection, our greys have gashes on their chests and Louie had a red patch on his left thigh. I was furious that neither me nor my husband was informed of these. The manager heard from me the following morning and she was quick to defend/explain what happened. All 10 cans of dog food were presumably consumed, I was given an almost empty dry food bin and yet I have 2 malnourished-looking dogs????? Oh by the way, we paid you guys 22$ per day per dog.

All in all, husband & I will not be boarding our dogs there again. Poor communication and I bet, no one was patient enough to coax our dogs to eat....Our vet will hear my litany of grievances again when we bring Louie in for his annual check-up next month ;{

Anyways, husband & I are upbuilding our greys. Lots of food, fried eggs, squash and TLC are being given to them ad libitum.

Enough of my ramblings, happy new year!

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