Monday, August 6, 2012

Critter room, etc.

Our family room is now  the critters' room...Hanna on the couch (where the humans rarely sit), Louie on the dogbed, and Sebastian tucked safely under the coffee table.  They work too hard (at sleeping all day) so every nap is well-earned ;)

One of the joys of summer is the abundance of locally grown fruits and veggies.  We are lucky to have a good farmers' market nearby.  The peaches and blueberries have been delicious.  Frozen blueberries or peaches plus vanilla almond milk in a magic bullet--healthy & yummy!  We have also made our first attempt at making our own tomato sauce.  For $10, we got 3 baskets of ripe tomatoes.  An organic 13.5 oz (and in a BPA free can like Eden) tomato sauce costs around $2.75 plus.  I haven't learned how to can so everything is frozen (we got a new chest freezer on sale last Memorial Day).  Freezing collard greens, garlic scapes and swiss chards also work.  Supporting our local farmers is always good aside from having fresh, less expensive and delicious produce.