Friday, October 25, 2013

Another roacher!

Hanna has roached (in greyhound lingo, it is the position assumed by the pup with the belly up, like a dead cockroach) ever since we got her.  She usually does it  with one front leg extended  up in the air.   According to the "hubbypedia" (my hubby, the walking encyclopedia, I guess he will ask me to take this line down when he reads this ;D), greys roach when they are happy.

Louie has never roached.  I attributed this to the unevenness of his back, or so I thought.  But he  is a happy puppy who thinks everybody wants to pet him.  Then I started noticing that once or twice a year for a couple of years now, he would try it but very briefly.  He usually stops if I make a big fuss out of it.  Yesterday was a breakthrough, he finally roached for a while and allowed me to "document" it.  I know, big deal.  It is for me ;D

It is amazing to realize that the family room has really evolved into the critter room.  Last time we sat on this couch was  years ago when I was still anal enough to cover it.  But the pups love it and we are glad they share such a valuable resource.

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