Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hanna's Annual Check-Up

Hanna had her annual physical check-up, blood tests, prophylactic (I was indignant when the vet tech handed me deworming pills and she assured me it is just standard practice, but no, Hanna doesn't have any worm!)deworming, updating of shots and dental cleaning last Thursday. We also threw in removal of 2 small cysts on her back and hulling of her corns. Our vet also trimmed her nails (really short). I was teasing the receptionist as she was updating me on all the procedures, "we may be picking up a smaller dog later on, you are taking a lot from her" ;) Our vet also ran a thyroid test , she has seen a case of bad corns in a hypothyroid grey.

Hanna didn't need any extraction and we opted to have an oral sealant applied on her teeth (protects teeth for 6 months). I knew it would be an expensive visit but our vet gave us some discount. Preventive medicine just doesn't make sense when you are holding the bill but the rewards later on make every dollar spent worth it...

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