Thursday, September 24, 2009

Update on the Corn Issue

Hanna had her sutures removed (s/p cysts removal) last Wednesday and we also asked the vet to hull her left front paw corn which has thickened up fast. It was last hulled 12 days ago. Anyway, the vet did the dental root elevator technique. More on this technique from this website and how it is done. It is a lot different from dremelling.

Our vet said the corn just popped out from its bed, probably attributable to the Wonder Salve. Ok, so I guess, it is working--the salve I mean. I was ready to toss it and try the Kerasolv.

So Hanna has been pain-free and jumping, running and just being her happy self for the last couple of days. Loved watching her walk with her tail wagging....

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