Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Poop Disposal System

With 2 greys (palm-sized poops!), poop disposal is quite a concern. But I must say, our system is quite reliable and fool-proof. We purchase these biodegrable poop bags (made from cornstarch) and just pick -up & toss.

Our doggie bags used to come from but they have stopped carrying these biodegrable doggie bags. They switched to a different brand which is NOT biodegradable. So we tried Ebay.

It is warming up here in our area and together with the melting of ice on sidewalks, piles of dog poops left behind by irresponsible dog owners become visible. Yup, instead of crocuses & tulips or daffodils springing out from the ground, its piles of poop that you see. We live in a historic neighborhood (with a very strict homeowners' association) and I guess putting up reminders or dog bag stations (kinda like this onefrom an upscale Denver neighborhood) is more of an eyesore to them...Duh! Piles of poops VS dog bag stations? I guess you don't have to be a genius to know which is more of an eyesore.

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