Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Healthy weight

A while ago, I was whining about how Louie lost so much weight while he was in boarding kennel. I was just ashamed to be seen walking with him because he looked so malnourished (like I wasn't frying eggs for him & going out of my way to make his food more palatable to him). So after upbuilding him (good dry & wet food, rice, treats & lots of love), he has now packed on several pounds & he is looking much better. We were able to walk the other day without any winter coat & he just got lots of compliments from other people. I have also discontinued his phenylpropanolamine since he is not leaking urine anymore. He loses his appetite (big time) when he is on that drug. What's amazing with Louie is he loses weight fast and regains it slowly. Wish that works with humans too, ehem!

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