Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The good doggy & kitty life

Husband & I (well, I don't think husband will be pleased with me if he sees Hanna with nailpolish or bows!) don't buy dog strollers, fancy coats & collars and other pet luxury items for our critters. We do get them top of the line (meaning, healthy) food (Eagle Pack Power Food for the greys and Premium Lite Senior Cat food for the kitties), good beds (foam bed for the greys and our favorite red Stickley chairs for our kitties), good Martingale cotton collars for the greys, good rain & winter coats for again, the greys (they have to go out for potty & exercise and they don't have a lot of body fat hence the protection, our cats are indoor cats so they don't need all these), occasional treats for training & their dental health, toys, and lots of love in a good home. Oh, they also get special cat grass occassionally (yup, dogs eat them too). I don't think they are complaining....

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