Sunday, June 8, 2008


Keeping our house clean is very important to me. You never know what micro-organisms you bring into your house with your paws/ dirty shoes. So I have a front door doormat specially made for guests who don't have any idea what to do with dirty shoes and a carpeted floor:

And for our greys, we buy baby wipes for after walks wiping and Arthur's Doggie Paw Wipes for last walk/before bedtime wiping.

Arthur's Doggie Paw Wipes has natural ingredients so I feel ok using it on both greys. The scent (mild citrus) is not overpowering so husband is ok with it.

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Mec said...

yikes... i have to be honest, i sometimes forget to wipe my son's feet before going to bed, in cases when he didn't take a bath for one reason or another...

and i know he's only 8 months old and only really roam inside the house... but we don't have a mat by the door either :D