Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dental Health

Greys are known plaque formers. To prevent gum disease, tooth loss and other diseases linked to poor oral health, we brush our greys' teeth every night, they have occasional dental treats and once a year dental cleaning (sometimes once every 2 years, well, they are expensive!).  I am just thrilled that they tolerate the brushing, yep, they don't offer  much in terms of struggle.  Louie even looks forward to it (I bet it's because of the peanut butter flavored toothpaste!).  There are some biting the brush but so far, I still have all 10 fingers intact.

Hanna just had her dental cleaning done last Friday.  Couldn't help but admire her  cleaner & whiter teeth after the procedure (our vet did a great job).  She has gingivitis and some periodontal infection so we were sent home with some Flagyl and Royal Canin dental diet kibbles.  The pics below are her post -$416 teeth cleaning shots.

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