Monday, November 9, 2009

Resource Guarding

A precious or valued resource can be a bed, bone, favorite toy or food. In our greys' & cats' situation, this is what they compete for

This is one of our 2 red Stickley chairs. Husband & I love these chairs and it turned out, all 4 critters love these too. They take turns keeping these chairs warm. If Louie wasn't so big, I would have laughed my head off when one day he tried to climb onto the chair with Ringo already on it. Ringo was unfazed about it, he knows he should be given the respect he deserves (as the senior critter in the household). I am training the dogs to patiently wait for their turn to sleep on the chairs. One important rule is, no chair covers, no pets allowed--and all four are very good following that.

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