Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pet First Aid Bag

I am thinking of giving Gilbert, my brother's newly adopted 4 y/o beagle, a pet first aid bag of his own for Christmas. This is what we have for our pups & kitties. I thought of just buying one online but hubby suggested that we assembled our own kit. We got our first aid items from KVPet and Omaha Vaccine. We have the following :

1. topical antibiotic
2. hydrogen peroxide
3. gauze
4. cotton buds
5. medical tape
6. vet wrap
7. tissue forceps
8. digital thermometer
9. Pawz disposable rubber boots
11.KY jelly (when somebody's anal glands get impacted, I have to express them)
12.bandage scissors
13.surgical scissors
14.disposable syringe (for flushing wound/foreign body in eyes)
15.bitter apple spray
16.velcro muzzle
17.pill splitter

I used to have the EMT gel (first aid gel), used once then it got expired.

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