Thursday, May 29, 2008

Reality Check

Having 2 adorable pups (a 68 lb and a 73 lb) is life altering, in good terms, of course. They bring us so much unconditional love & loyalty and feel-good moments. But like anything else, dog ownership requires work & dedication and it's not all peachy all the time...

:) They are so excited to see us anytime of the day. Hanna chatters and Louie snaps with tail wagging.

:) All they have to do is look cute and all hardwork in keeping them is forgotten.

:) As long as we bring them out for their "bathroom walks" and leisure walks, we're fine. We don't have to play frisbee or drool-soaked balls all day long. Though, they appreciate fetching a ball and getting treats for it for around 5 minutes.

:) We take them for walks and people mostly admire how sleek and regal they look. Kids and people not familiar with the breed are amazed at how thin and big they are.

:0 Having to go out for walks in snow, sleet, rain, or heat or even on bad allergy day--thank God for Cetirizine!

:0 Having to pick-up poops and clean accidents.

:0 Having to wake -up at a decent hour because we have 2 wet noses poking our faces & feet.

:0 Having to smell their gassy emissions every now & then...

:0 Having to yell occassionally when they decided to make a racetrack out of our living room or decide that it's time to play with the cats.

:( Having to deal with a sick pup when their digestive systems are not doing well.

:( Having to poke Hanna's butt and express her anal glands every month or so.

:( Having to deal with injuries because I forgot to clip their nails before I allowed them to run on hard snow.

:( Almost suffering a heart attack when the leash unclipped and suddenly, my grey is running in the opposite direction.

:( Going away on trips and vacations and leaving my babies behind (with friends or sitters, of course).

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