Sunday, April 20, 2008

Greys & Bathing

I have a friend who has 2 dogs (a border collie-Irish setter mix and I can't remember what breed the other one is but they are both hyper) and she, accdg. to her, gives them regular baths... Good for her--her dogs need it because they run & play outdoors (& hunt) a lot. My 2 greys on the other hand, just got their first bath (and probably the only bath they'll ever need) today. First, greys have shorter coat and they produce less of the oil that gives the dogs their doggie smell (Hanna smells like a freshly bathe baby most of the time). Second, my greys only go out to do their business and exercise (walking, leashed). They play and sleep and pretty much do everything inside our house. After each walk, their paws get wiped (we have 2 cats & a beige carpet). Before they enter the bedroom (bedtime), they get whole body wiping with Arthur's Doggie Paw Wipes. Too much bathing will also cause skin dryness (strips the skin of its natural oils). So when my friend gave me that surprised-disgusted look when I told her my greys get baths once a year or only when they play in the mud, I have to educate her on these reasons.

So, I have been dreading giving Hanna & Louie the bath. But it turned out to be a pleasant experience--neither of them gave me a hard time. They just stood still in the tub. I only got wet when I washed their heads and ears (which I saved for the last). Both slept soundly afterwards...ahh, this is a good life!

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