Monday, April 7, 2008

Deciding on our first dog

was easy based on our criteria---cat friendly, laid-back/mellow (not very high energy), doesn't bark too much, and of course, a rescued retired racer. We didn't specify any gender, size or color. But I was silently hoping that he/she will be a brindle (brown with black patches) just like the first greyhound that we first fell in love with (our neighbor's). The adoption agency matched our profile & requested criteria with their available dogs and we won't know/meet her/him until the day when we actually receive her/him. We were however, given a "peek" on how she looks like a week before she arrived. She, yes, a she, a pretty she, if I may add, is a black tuxedo (black coat with white chest), 58 lbs, 2 y/o with a really nice smile. I was not disappointed that we didn't get a brindle, in fact, I loved her color--she is just gorgeous with that shiny coat.

When she walked into our living room that hectic afternoon of September 9th, 2007, husband & I were as nervous as she was. Ours was probably the third home she went to (her 2 foster families and us) in just a month (she arrived from the racing kennel a month earlier). She seemed timid, scared and nervous. She sniffed everything and finally settled on one of our big chairs. When I saw hubby looking at her with loving eyes and cooing at her like she's our little girl (he is a big man (6'7")so it is really an awesome sight watching him with her), I knew she is ours now and she's home....

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