Sunday, January 29, 2012

Kindred Spirit

There's a new greyhound in our neighborhood, well, different street but we occasionally see him during our walks. His name is Marco, a 2 year old male grey with the same colorings as our Louie, not to mention the same friendly, "are-you-here-to-pet-me" attitude. It is always great to see rescued dogs and it feels great seeing another greyhound make it to a good home.

Hanna's paw ulcer resolved after almost 2 months of nursing it. We never had this issue in our old neighborhood making me suspect the tons of ash tree seeds scattered all over our sidewalks (they have a needle-like pointy tip). But husband has figured out that maybe, just maybe, having 4 boots on Hanna will protect her very delicate paws from getting cuts (that turn into nasty ulcers) again. She is very patient when we are putting all four booties on but it is such a production....

It is Louie's turn now to nurse an abrasion that is actually almost non-existent if it weren't for his constant (almost obsessive)licking. I have to duct tape a sock/fabric over the vetwrap so he wouldn't lick it raw.

Tip for cleaning paw wounds: povidone-iodine wash. This was what our vet advised us to do when Hanna first got her paw ulcer. Some povidone-iodine plus warm water just enough to make a tea-colored solution and just enough to immerse the paw in--done for 15 minutes 3X a day.

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