Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Spring & Summer Blooms

This spring, we enjoyed the daffodils that we planted last fall. They were a gift from my dear MIL. The flowers were amazingly beautiful and some were so fragrant too. The grape hyacinths that we planted with them didn't do quite well though. Latter part of May, we had the rhodondendrons (3 big bushes) going nuts with light purple flowers, they were such a sight to behold. Summer came and we are now enjoying the dianthuses which suffered a minor setback early on because a rabbit ate more than 10 flower buds.

Then we planted some perennials under our Japanese maple tree, shastas,Japanese iris, feverfew, pentermon husker red, purple coneflower and hostas...

The shasta daisies that we started from seeds 2 years ago is loaded with flowers. And the moon flower (blooms open at night) also has lots of flower buds. The black-eyed susans that we planted last fall are also putting on a good show....

Blooms aplenty--just one of the beauties of summer.

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