Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rescued (Texas) Greys

These are the links to the websites (of 2 Texas greyhound organizations) about the rescued greyhounds in Texas and the updates about each one of them. These dogs have been badly abused (the pictures will only tell half of their tales) and yet there is no meanness in them just those lonely look in their eyes. I just can't fathom how people who are supposed to be the most intelligent (obviously, also could be the most heartless) beings on earth can torture innocent and helpless creatures like these greys.


Bright side is, they have been rescued and will be on their way to healing, not just their physical wounds, but the trauma that they endured all these years.

I found a picture of our greys taken last winter, all tucked in on their respective beds, and enjoying a much needed (yeah, right! from sleeping all day) sleep. I don't think I spoil them (hey, they don't have body fat, I don't want them getting cold at night hence the blankies ;). Hubby thinks I do. I just love them and give them the respect and care they deserve.

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