Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rodent Ulcer

Way back in May, Ringo had his check-up, dental and quite a long antibiotic treatment. On our 3rd week of antibiotic treatment, I noticed a round ulcer on Ringo's upper lip which I later found out to be a "rodent ulcer" because it looks like a rodent just bit the cat's lip off. Being a worry-wart, we brought Ring to our vet and confirmed that it is a rodent or eosinophilic ulcer. Nothing to worry about, it is autoimmune, and just watch/observe. For widespread cases, steroids are given.

Fast forward to today, the ulcer is much smaller in size. Ringo's case may be due to the infected tooth on that side where the ulcer is also located.


val said...

did yours smelly really bad? I think my cat has one and her breath smells like death!

Greymom said...

Hi! Ringo would always put up a hissy fight whenever I tried to check his mouth (even the vet couldn't examine him without sedating him). I didn't detect any stinky smell at all. Our other cat used to have stinky breath and we were more concerned about his dental health than Ringo's (Sebastian will have his dental next month). It was the loss of weight that alerted us (turned out Ringo had 3 bad teeth, he was in pain so he couldn't eat ). Ha!ha! Yup, the all too familiar dead fish smell.