Sunday, December 13, 2009


We got Louie from a racetrack in Florida. He arrived NY early February. Shortly thereafter, we have noticed tiny red splatters of an unidentified substance on our walls. We finally figured out where those splatters were coming from--from the tips of Louie's ears. Apparently, greys have poor circulation to the tips of their ears hence the increased susceptibility to chillblains which occur during very cold months. The ear tips become dry, cracked or bloody. He would scratch his ears then shake hence the splattering. We learned that a lady's stocking when cut and used as a sort of headgear should keep the ears warmer. But it was not user-friendly, it kept sliding back and exposing Louie's ears to the cold temps. So I thought of using sleeves from my old sweaters as Louie's "snood". Louie's ears are now much better with only a teeny-tiny dot of dry patch in one ear. And yes, no more red splatters.

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