Friday, October 2, 2009

Not One But Two

yep, we have 2 Therapaw booties now. Hanna's 2nd bootie arrived this week and for the first time in months (even with the hulling of her corns), she is walking without any limp, she has gone for long walks and is actually wagging her tail as she sniffs from tree to tree. Why we didn't think of getting 2 booties right away beats me. Can't sing enough praises for this wonderful bootie...


On a sad note, lots of lives are affected by the floodings in Asia and even here in the Southeast (Georgia, Tennessee). I hope Mother Nature gives the battered areas some respite from all these tragedies and people learn to respect her (the environment) more.


Got a heads' up on a Nutro dog food recall from our greyhound mailing list. Here's a link:

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