Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bye, bye clams

This is our T. derasa clam. We got it 5 years ago for our 120 gallon tank, knowing that it can grow really big. It was initially just 4-5 inches wide when we got it. When we pulled it out of the tank yesterday, it was probably 10-11 inches wide. Gorgeous clam, very hardy too. We are slowly selling most of the corals, can't really bring them with us when we move. So yesterday was goodbye to our derasa and 2 smaller clams, an open brain, merulina, nepthia, and star polyps mat. Sam, our very territorial clownfish, put up a fight while husby was taking the corals & clams.

We sold all of them back to our reef stuff dealer, The Reef Shoppe. They have been very good in guiding us into this wonderful reef keeping adventure.

Shown here is our derasa clam and our sea cucumber (grew from 3 inches to 7 inches) at its base. The people at the reef shop were wowed by this duo yesterday...we were too, for the last 5 years :(

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