Monday, March 24, 2008

Stressful Day

We finalized Louie's adoption papers last Saturday and gave Hanna & Louie a good run at our friend's enclosed yard with her 2 greys. Hanna & Louie were having so much fun romping around with their friends, Paige, & her handsome brother, Carter, when Hanna suddenly stopped playing. We noticed that she didn't want to put any weight on her left leg. It turned out that she lost a nail and only the quick (I think this is the equivalent of the human nailbed; nutrient membrane) remained. She remained quiet & calm despite the pain and bleeding. I was freaking out inside (good thing husband was very calm) but I have to remain calm so she doesn't freak out too. We got her to the ER vet and had her wound cleaned & bandaged. Louie was terribly upset when he heard Hanna yelp in pain.

Her nail will eventually grow back but she'll be uncomfortable for the next couple of days hence the Deramaxx (analgesic). She's also on Cephalexin (antibiotic). We only take her for short walks (just for business) until she recovers fully. She is dealing with it very well though--she is hopping/skipping when we take her out. We have to make her wear her boots (on the injured leg only) so the wound doesn't get wet or dirty. She's wearing a muzzle at night so she doesn't lick her bandages off.

So much grace under so much pain & stress....amazing girl. Lesson learned: don't run greyhounds on hard snow/ice.

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